The Law Offices of “BATISTA MÁXIMO, ADVOGADOS”, leaded by Tiago Batista Máximo, Lawyer, are located in three zones of mainland Portugal and also in Angola. Contact us
The law offices specialise in multidisciplinary operations, as full-service providers, always meeting the needs of their national and international clients. Contact us

Special Revitalisation Processes and Insolvencies

Commercial Law, Commercial Contracts, and Business Law

Judicial and Extra-Judicial Debt Recovery


We are especially fit for handling issues related to corporate restructuring.

In our offices, we have a full understanding of the needs of the individuals, having specialist practitioners in the area of rights in rem.

We make available for our clients the services of Debt Recovery in an agile, reliable, flexible, and effective manner, seeking for total quality in contracts.

With respect to Labour and Social Security Law, our practice spans the support in corporate restructuring: reduction of the labour strength.

In the Industrial and Intellectual Property field, we provide services of registration, defence, control, and monitoring of brands, trade names, and patents.

In our offices, we render legal advice to foreign clients, meeting their specific needs with prompt and effective solutions.


With more than 10 years of experience, our Team focus our practice on three zones of mainland Portugal and also in Angola and Guinea-Bissau.

Having our roots in the city of Braga and a practice that spans all over the Portuguese territory, and in particular Porto and Lisbon, we aim at overcoming the challenges and exceeding the expectations of our Clients.


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